The world selling WaterRipper® An amphibious water sports bag designed for kids has the potential to revolutionize the water sports Industry.

Spend  more time playing with a water bag. Less time chasing a water ball. Experience a real Water Ball!


In 2010, I encountered a problem playing a simple game of surf catch with the leading surf & pool toy called a “water ball”  

What can I say… I am an architect , I like a good design problem, I love water sports and for 25 years, I was sitting on a related sports discovery.

I solved this problem and  came up with a new technology, games and accessories all built around a little bag.


Patented Technology

This patented “Water Skipping Game Bag” is water absorbing & designed to float. It will never sink!

It is amphibious & optimized for water surface use, with a signature low profile skip making a ZZZZ sound as it streaks across the water strafing a target

or a rattlesnake  TTTT sound when rallying with other players.

The handmade bag is similar to a Hacky Sack®. It does not bounce and it is easy to catch. Kids love that!

 The Ripper is comprised of 3 components.

 Ultra Suede Skin that is water permeable, durable and reduces friction when wet.

Pellet Pouch filled with a suspension of high density pellets that absorbs energy on impact.

Core Ball that nearly doubles the weight when saturated giving the bag surprising performance that is like playing catch with skipping rock. –  Nobody gets hurt.

This is not Water Ball (bouncy ball) or Gel Ball or Stress Ball. It is a real water bag!


Who uses it.

WaterRipper is for surfers, paddlers, boaters, floaters, swimmers of all ages. Camps, aquatic programs, parks & recreation departments use it.

Develop your catching and throwing skills. Test your “Ripping Skills” and push your awareness and appreciation of clean water and innovative high performance water sports played on the water surface.

There is tremendous sports, recreational and therapeutic potential to be explored with the adaptive use bag. Buy the toy, Play the mobile app – WaterRipper Game  on the iTunes Store and play innovative water sports called RipperBall Sports.  The WaterRipper is a safe water toy and promotes innovative water sports and recreational activities that engage all ages of kids in aquatic based activities.

Water bag vs. all water balls, safety & playability

Imagine being able to play catch with a skipping rock! but nobody gets hurt Kids play unattended for hours ,coming up with innovative games, it is fun to watch them play.

a high performance bag behaves different from any ball on the planet because it is a bag not a ball. It is easier for kids of all ages to play making it very addictive.

A low impact bag has numerous advantages over a ball.

Bags don’t bounce. In the event it leaves the pool, it knows the drill – drop, roll and come to a complete stop. It stays sin the boundaries unlike an escaping ball.

Because of its ease of play & safety, it has therapeutic uses and has been used for autistic & special needs kids. Sports trainers find it useful to cross train goalies and sharpen baseball skills.

WR is being tested and documented by the BYU Splash Lab. In several publications, they refer to the differences and potential uses for ball and bag technology.

The US Navy, Wounded Warriors and Aquatic Camps have taken a closer look at these products.

In April 2015 over 400 Boy Scouts had a blast with the Ripper at Beale AFB.  They used targets and  modified lacrosse sticks, there were numerous incidence of friendly fire reported in two day Scouting Expo.


Vision – Clean Water, Water Toy, Sports & Recreation

Our goal is to expand market awareness about the clean water, emerging water sports, recreational activities and differentiate the superior waterbag technology from water balls in the market place.

We are looking for companies that are interested in partnering to sell, use and promote the WR toy, water sports promoting healthy active life styles.

The WaterRipper is a hand sized sports water bag that uses patented water absorbing, low impact technology. It is unlike any of other competing water ball on the market. In spite of being out marketed by numerous gel balls flooding the market water bag technology, with an informed market, has the potential to take over this market. and because of its unique properties and playability, it continues to garner critical acclaim and product reviews from national publications, sports groups, media outlets on TV, newspapers, family toy magazines and product reviewers.

The Big Splash!

In 1989 An original leather Hacky Sack accidentially ended up in the surf in Hanalei Bay, Kauai. We were amazed how much fun we had playing for two weeks..

20 years later while on vacation, I bought the world’s leading water ball to the beach. Within a minute of play, I was disappointed, I had the A Ha! Moment.

That old leather Hacky Sack, that little drink of water, out performed the world’s leading water ball!

Six months later, I started RipperBall Sports to pursue patent, IP protection, games, accessories and licensing.


It is all About the bag…

Handmade Bag – Bag technology is designed for water use. The competition uses sealed factory molded neoprene stressball technology and calls it a waterball.
Absorbs Water – WR is designed to absorb water for added mass giving the water bag greater distance & performance on water.
Fluid Particulate Contents – WR’s fluid particulate contents is designed to collapse on impact. The bag is constantly changing shape, water content and mass when streaking on the water surface. It rolls on water!
Balanced Density – Floats just above the water surface. It is always visible. It will never sink.
Bean Bag Design – The WR’s bean bag & sponge like design is forgiving and constantly changing its shape as it skips and rolls on water. Unlike a ball, the patented bag design has a dynamic response to surfaces and is slow acting on impact making it safe and easy for kids to play unsupervised and all day long.
Designed for Kids 5+ – The small beanbag design is easy to catch with one hand. You can catch the WR with one or two fingers! The WR bag is a superior toy for kids to play catch. Kids learn fast and innovate new games with ease.
Does Not Bounce! – It stays in the pool area and will not bounce over the fence onto the adjacent parking lot or street. Because it is so easy to control and low profile in its water surface interaction, it is welcome in crowded public pools and aquatic facilities.


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