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Eureka! A sports toy that skips better than a rock!  After 10 years promoting the WaterRipper and seeing families have a blast with a water bag, we decided to develop our second water skimming toy marrying the love for rock skipping & the need for speed, distance and safety. We came up with a biscuit design.

Design Goal  Design a sports toy to skip like a rock & catch like a bag that absorbs water and has a low profile skip that is easy for kids to catch & throw. This sports toy needs to be durable and a high performance design to satisfy the whole family including grandma.

We kept the handmade single seam construction & size. We tweaked the contents and the shape to outskip any water ball on the market.

What it Does  It really rips! Like playing catch with a skipping rock but nobody gets hurt. Kids like the easy to grip biscuit shape, phenomenal low profile skip & amazing long distance flight. Kids love the low impact catch making it a winner in any skipping contest and group play in the pool, lake & the surf.

Kids 5+ can experience the thrill and master rock skipping with the low impact yet high performance toy. Adults can play catch 100’ apart. An all ages pool & surf toy.